ERP Wins BOMA Canada Pinnacle Innovation Award

We are very excited to announce that the Emergency Response Portal (ERP) has won the BOMA Canada Pinnacle Innovation Award.  The announcement was made at the BOMA Canada National Awards Gala, held in Quebec City on September 17th, 2015.

This is not just a huge honour, it’s proof that we are on to something that’s, well, innovative.   ERP gives property and facility management unprecedented access to key building information, including live video images from their existing surveillance cameras, from a smartphone, tablet or laptop.  ERP also easily allows property managers/owners to share this information with trusted third parties – like police, fire and paramedics, during an emergency – providing an unparalled level of collaboration.

ERP also includes a free targeted emergency broadcast system that allows property owners to pre-select which gatekeepers will receive emergency broadcasts directly from public emergency dispatchers.  This feature is seamless, efficient and helps properties fulfil their ULC & UL requirements.

Excited?  You should be; the properties that are registered wtih ERP say it’s a game changer.  Check out our various links to learn more about ERP, to register for the free Gatekeeper Targeted Emergency Broadcast System or the full-featured suite.


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